Trial Service

Q: Can I book a trial prior to booking your wedding day services?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend that you do your trial prior to booking your wedding day services. Once you confirm that we are available on your wedding date we highly recommend a trial as well. 
PLEASE NOTE: No holds will be put on dates without a Bridal Contract & Deposit. A booked Bridal Trial with us does not guarantee a hold on wedding dates.

Q: If I do the trial first, can I still get the package price?

A: If you made a decision within 7 days after your trial, you will still get the package price. 


Q: When should I book my trial?

A: A trial can take place as soon as you are ready to have it, We recommend to do the trial when you have your wedding gown picked out or have clear idea of desire makeup and hair look. 


Q: Can I use my trial as my engagement session?

A: We don’t recommend it for the following reasons:                                                                                                                                                                                          
- Trial is designed for wedding day look, while your engagement hair and makeup is usually a different style.                                                                                            
- Some brides might not want their partners to see in advance how gorgeous they will be on the BIG day, so having the engagement session booked separatelY can help you keep that secret ;)                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
 - To perfect your look, we usually make adjustments to your hair and makeup at the trial. Making these adjustments requires a lot of time and can sometimes make the final product less clean. So a trial done beforehand help to ensure that you are comfortable with us to do your engagement style!                                      
 If you wish to do the Engagement + Wedding day without a trial, we do offer this package at a reduced price. Please refer to our "Bridal Package Rate".


Q: What should I prepare or bring to the trial?

 A: Please bring or prepare the following:

  • Bring your hair accessories and/or veils that will be used on your wedding day, if you don’t have them ready, we some available in our studio you can try on and rent out
  • Have some of your favourite pictures for makeup look and hairstyle. This will give us a better idea of what you prefer.
  • Ensure hair is COMPLETELY dry prior to the trial.
  • No makeup on 
  • Select a top that has a similar neckline to your dress—you’ll get a better picture of your big-day look.


   Q: Where will the trial take place?

A: The trial is done at our studio in Sorrento Valley 92121.


Q: What if I don't know what I want ?

A: We suggest you look through lots of Pinterest/magazines/Instagram and select styles that you like, then we will go through them with you at the trial and tell you whether they're realistic or suitable for you.


Alternatively, if you haven't seen anything you like, we will suggest styles for you based on your face shape, skin type, age, and of course will listen to any criteria you have!


If you don't like the makeup or hair we tried on you, you MUST let us know in detail what the issue was. We will not be offended and are more than happy to fix and change things to make you look perfect and comfortable with the results.


Q: How many hair or makeup styles can I try on during the trial?

A: The trial price includes 1 makeup and 1 hairstyle, so please have the picture ready to showcase the style you like the most.

if you need help to develop a style that is suitable for you, we are more than happy to help achieving that :)


Q: How long will the trial take?

A: We keep the trial close to the time needed for a wedding, so it will be around 3 hours.


Q: What happens if I want to try another style after our initial trial?

A: We charge $100 for doing additional trial and time is limited to 1 hour. However, most of the time, initial trial is good enough as we DO put in 100% efforts in achieving your envisions of styles.